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Jin-Hui Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading blow molding factory in Taiwan for 45 years, which is equipped with a series of related sophisticated machines from foreign countries. Due to steady request of the industrial machinery, we recognize that chilling and cooling equipments are important peripherals. Therefore, we are dedicated to developing high-quality cooling systems’ design in 1990. Currently, our professional engineers have over than 20 years experience. In addition, our company has participated in Industry-University Cooperative Research Project in Taiwan every year.
After years of investigation, testing and improvement in Taiwan and abroad, the molds for production were ready in 1998. Most of our new items were patented in both foreign and domestic countries. In 1999, Jin-Hui Cooling Machine Co., LTD. was established; meanwhile, commercializing our products. The outstanding quality is fully satisfactory to every customer around the world. Over the years, our products have been widely used in heavy-duty injection molding machines, and low, medium and high frequency melting furnaces, etc. Hence, we serve the manufacturing more comprehensive, thanks to recognizing the facility of high-quality cooling system for good production process.
*To avoid the problem of limescale → Upgrade the efficiency and stability of machines
* To reduce the breakdown → Extend equipment lifespan.
* Simplified structure → Easy to maintain.
* Easy to install and dismantle.
* Mass production for keeping the cost down.

High-Flow Series (0.75kW-12kW)
Water Cooled Chiller - WCR
Air Cooled Water Chiller - FCR

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